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I can't belive this car is a 4 door family sedan.
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Originally Posted by Thinker23 View Post

I had the service done today and the part numbers are as follows:
Tranny: 83-22-0-406-941 *(3)
Diff: 83-22-2-282-583 *(8)

Seems to be different from what you listed.
Yes, they are different numbers.

The transmission fluid part number that you listed and I listed are both for the same fluid yet in a different amount- For instance, your number ending in 941 is per liter, my part number is the main part number for the huge drum of fluid.

Your diff fluid is completely different- The part number I listed is for the 'original' fluid for the differential. The part number you listed is for bmws 'special' oil that is to be used if a customer complains of the differential making noise- There is a bulletin that says if there is a noise complaint, the diff fluid should be changed from the 993 fluid to the 583 fluid. It looks as if you got the special alternate fluid.

For future reference, BMW has different part numbers for different volumes of fluid. This makes is easier for some people and more confusing for others.