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Asians have been consuming MSG for thousands of years, and they continue to be more healthier and smarter than most of the dumbfucks out there. I have a whole family of doctors and it is known that the effects of MSG is way too exaggerated.
This is comedy. Live in complete ignorance of the FACT that MSG is a neurotoxin. MSG usage is on the rise around the world including in Asian populations. It is used more and more in all Asian foods to the detriment of their health making dishes that were once healthy into Asian junk food. People literally become addicted and have cravings for MSG. The negative effects of MSG consumption are numerous.

I could care less what the medical community says. Doctors are just as sick as their patients.

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Stop e-ballin.

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more healthier

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Oh yeah, next time you want to backup your claim, don't send me a link to a youtube video with an uneducated black male talking about muscle milk, that's not a valid resource. kthxbye.
Sean Croxton is actually a colleague of mine and a respected member of the holistic health community not an "uneducated black male." Mentioning his race is a credit to your ignorance.

Here's some good resources for you.