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I have to admit I prefer my Garmin Nuvi 200 (that I got for around $99 a year ago) to the BMW built in nav. I find the Garmin more accurate and much easier to use with a touchcreen.

Originally Posted by rainzoro View Post
Excluding the mind boggling M drive mode, I personally think there's only one thing worth talking about in the tech package.

the freaking Navigation.
what can i say about the notorious iDrive, I just see TOO many people and reviews complaining about the nav satellite system. the complain varies from talking about how it displays, how slow, and for the final, how in hell damn hard it is to get used to the control system.

why take the risk while you can get a portable nav systems getting praised in reviews.

forgive me for using the word "review" too many times but let me tell you one thing.
when 9 out of 10 reviewers criticize on something, the chances are, there's a bloody reason for it.

but for the last part, I can tell you one thing good about having the nav system.
the look.
it just simply looks better and luxurious than having a dangling swinging swanging little portable nav.

So in conclusion
if you want to look cool get the nav
if you want practicality trash the nav