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Originally Posted by SoreHead View Post
Firstly the Conti is nothing short of hideous. A big over sized blob with no character and the interior you'd expect for an old mans car. But that's just my opinion of course.

As for the Aston there are any amount of V8's in the US 2007 year asking $70k so less with haggling in the current economic state down there. With exchange and duty you're still going to be cheaper than the RS5 if one tickles your fancy. There are also a few 2005 DB9's if you wanted to go V12 for $70k. Of course you then have to accept that you're not in the same league for build or reliability but both are way more "desirable" than the RS5 or M3.
I was going to go with a V8 from the US when I got here but got too good a deal on my M3 in St. Catharines to pass it up.
Exchange rates have changed a bit since I wrote that. Asuming you can get the AM V8 at 70k USD, you are still looking at 83k CAD after import duty and exchange (and that assumes you don't need to change out the speedo, or add an immobilizer). Back when I originally wrote that, the exchange rate was much higher and the AM would have been closer to 92k CAD.

I don't see that as being a really compelling value. You get a car that may have been beaten on by a previous owner, you then have to try to find someone local to work on it, and the local dealers aren't huge fans of people buying out of the states.

But I'm also not a huge believer that the next RS4/5 will be substantially more expensive than an M3. I think dropping the V6 from the A4 will allow Audi to move the S4 down market and have the RS4 slot in at a much lover price than we are used to. They really have no choice unless they only want to sell a few hundred a year in NA, and I think Audi has larger plans.