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Originally Posted by JEllis View Post
Are you worried about bending them because of BBS's warning?

I am running these on my 997S and was assured by GMG racing that the E88's are still stronger than most manufacturers street wheels despite their own warning. There are actually quite a few Porsche owners using these on there Daily Drivers...

When I'm driving my car I'm very cautious of whats in front of me. I try to avoid everything in my way and so far I've been very lucky..but there might be just that one occassion where I won't be.

I know the wheels are very very well built and I don't disagree w/ you on that part at all. It's just 7k on wheels when money could be spent elsewhere...maybe a turbo kit!

Either way, if they sell they sell! If not it's ok too as I know I own 1 of the best wheels ever made.