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Originally Posted by gIzzE View Post
The 335i is an engineering masterpiece, it is seriously quick, you have power from anywhere in the rev range, and you can sit at 130mph (on the Autobahn of course!) without your wife constantly nagging to slow down, it is extremely refined and it eats the miles up like no other car.
And there lies the problem, it is boring, quick, but boring.

Mine had a procede on it, it was quicker than my M3 by quite some margin, but it was a different kind of speed, a secluded, closeted speed that just leaves you feeling a little numb.

I sold mine and bought another SMG M3.

The E46 is different, I find myself nipping out at midnight in December when it is freezing and raining outside just to go for a drive, it gets you in the way the 335i never can. I can go out for 2 hours up to the coast along all the back roads and never really break the speed limit and it is still exciting, just the way you flick the car from corner to corner.
The thing with the M3 is it is raw, you get to 4000rpm and it starts to come alive, get to 5000rpm and the engine is singing, 6000rpm and the thing is going balistic, the whole car feels like it has lost half its weight, it dances about and does exactly what you want it to, then 7000rpm and the noise is superb, 8000rpm and you change gear, the tyres chirp as they scrabble for grip, the back end twicthes and you're back at 4500rpm and it starts all over again!!
I could not agree more with what was written above!! Great post gIzzE!!
M cars have a SOUL, a CHARACTER! They are more than just raw performance, they are balanced, have a history, represent the best of mechanical engineering... there are for the few car enthusiasts.

I hope to be able to keep mine forever, and may be to add a few more in the stable along the years. E46 design is timeless IMO too.
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