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Originally Posted by jaiman View Post
You realize that the reason why there are no deals and long waits for the S5 is because Audi is making realative few of them and demand is very high. They don't need to do anyhting to sell the car.

As for the idea that a DB9 or Conti GT is a substitute for the RS5, you are out of your mind. You may be able to buy a DB9/GT out of the States for close to the same initial purchase price (though with the dollar at 1.2288 and a 6% import duty I don't think you can) but the running costs are astronomical. Call a Bentley or AM dealership and ask them about maintenance. You probably can't get an AMV8 out of the States for less than what the RS5 will go for.
Firstly the Conti is nothing short of hideous. A big over sized blob with no character and the interior you'd expect for an old mans car. But that's just my opinion of course.

As for the Aston there are any amount of V8's in the US 2007 year asking $70k so less with haggling in the current economic state down there. With exchange and duty you're still going to be cheaper than the RS5 if one tickles your fancy. There are also a few 2005 DB9's if you wanted to go V12 for $70k. Of course you then have to accept that you're not in the same league for build or reliability but both are way more "desirable" than the RS5 or M3.
I was going to go with a V8 from the US when I got here but got too good a deal on my M3 in St. Catharines to pass it up.

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