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Originally Posted by JoosyJoos View Post
Does anyone else think this is a stupid idea considering it wont be open half the year since its in Colorado?

Perhaps building it elsewhere like in Arizona, Texas or one of the more southern states would have made more sense. Just my 2 cents.
It's on the eastern plains, hence the lack of extreme elevation changes. Other than a snowstorm once a month during the winter that melts off after a few days it can be open most of the year. I have driven through there when it was 60 degrees in February and March, a few days later a storm can blow in but it's not west of Denver in the mountains where the snow stays around. Which is why the ski resorts are on that side of Denver. A friend of mine has lived up there for almost 20 years, he loses about as many motorcycle riding days as we did living in Oklahoma City or Dallas.

Originally Posted by amsfoto View Post
Has anyone thought that it could be fake? Seems like quite a huge thing that nobody has heard of until now. Until I see construction photos I'm not really convinced.
If it's like the tracks announced here in Texas over the past few years it is all to get investors on board. There have been a couple of country club tracks built in the DFW area, a few more were announced. There is one built in the Houston area and another under construction (the last time that I heard) and one was built in San Marcos between Austin and San Antonio. Most of these are nowhere near F1 level tracks in distance or safety regs, they are country clubs for the car people, a few have residences on them but nothing approaching a even a Barber or Miller.