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Originally Posted by yomama69 View Post
Read my post above. I used to take ON Whey, but now I take MHP Time release protein. Let's say you take a scoop of ON whey and it has 25g of protein. Let's say at that time, your body can absorb only 19g of protein. What do you think happens to that other 6g of protein? It gets discharged from your body through your urine. If you take time released protein, your body is going to absorb it all throughout the day and thus, your muscles will build and repair faster. Also take BCAA's. Amino Acids are important for building muscles and burning carbs. I also take L-Carnatine to help breakup stored fat cells through the bloodstream.
Sorry, but this is grossly incorrect. I'm in the medical field and you need to get your facts straight. Your body DOES NOT excrete large amounts of protein EVER. The body normally excretes a maximum of 150 milligrams of protein a day, so what you have written in not even close to true. Amino Acids, although necessary for bodily function, are generally obtained very well through regular eating because every protein is made up of amino acids. Amino acids do not burn carbs, that's another misconception, they are simply building blocks for proteins. L-Carnatine will not help breakup stored fat cells in the blood because there are very few stored fat cells in the blood, they are quickly transported once digestion/absorption occurs in globules all over the body to be stored as energy, aka fat. There are very few things that break up fat cells and this occurs mainly during digestion. Bile and lipases break down large molecules of fat into smaller globules so they can be more easily transported. When fat (in this case I mean a large collection of cells that have taken up residence somewhere in the body) is broken down, it is a completely different process that is done for energy purposes, because fat stores energy in an extremely efficient manner when compared to muscle, and is broken first in an energy starved environment. Sorry for the rant, but I had to clear that up. There are way too many misconceptions with supplements and nutrition today.