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Originally Posted by Spoolin335 View Post
ok i have a couple of questions about dieting and supplements..

i dont take any supplements yet but i want to start to take some to help be bulk up.
im 5'11 190lbs already but i want to be around 200-210.

i take a multi vit. every morning and try to eat smaller meals more often to keep my metabolism up, so maybe 3-4 meals a day. i usually only eat rice, any green veg and any kinda meat(beef, fish, pork, etc). i hardly eat any junk or fast food, pretty much anything with sugar or carbs i try to stay away from. i have a good healthy diet already so really all i need to do is workout more and eat lots of protein.

now i have protien bars already that i eat, not sure if they are even worth it(25g protein).

what kinda supplements should i be looking at to build mass? ive read ON whey is good, when do i take it though? morning - night? before - after a workout?
also what about creatine? can i take a shake of creatine and ON whey protein in the same day?

ive read a bit on, but there is so much info it gets confusing..
Read my post above. I used to take ON Whey, but now I take MHP Time release protein. Let's say you take a scoop of ON whey and it has 25g of protein. Let's say at that time, your body can absorb only 19g of protein. What do you think happens to that other 6g of protein? It gets discharged from your body through your urine. If you take time released protein, your body is going to absorb it all throughout the day and thus, your muscles will build and repair faster. Also take BCAA's. Amino Acids are important for building muscles and burning carbs. I also take L-Carnatine to help breakup stored fat cells through the bloodstream.