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ok i have a couple of questions about dieting and supplements..

i dont take any supplements yet but i want to start to take some to help be bulk up.
im 5'11 190lbs already but i want to be around 200-210.

i take a multi vit. every morning and try to eat smaller meals more often to keep my metabolism up, so maybe 3-4 meals a day. i usually only eat rice, any green veg and any kinda meat(beef, fish, pork, etc). i hardly eat any junk or fast food, pretty much anything with sugar or carbs i try to stay away from. i have a good healthy diet already so really all i need to do is workout more and eat lots of protein.

now i have protien bars already that i eat, not sure if they are even worth it(25g protein).

what kinda supplements should i be looking at to build mass? ive read ON whey is good, when do i take it though? morning - night? before - after a workout?
also what about creatine? can i take a shake of creatine and ON whey protein in the same day?

ive read a bit on, but there is so much info it gets confusing..