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I can't belive this car is a 4 door family sedan.
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Originally Posted by C17MooseDriver View Post
Just talked to the SA at my local dealer.

They told me that the 6MT transmission fluid was good for a lifetime and didn't require replacement. Said if I wanted it, it would cost me since it's not covered under the maintenance warranty.

I disagreed, and after some research, they finally came back and said I was right, thanks to your OP. The SA didn't realize there was a separate 6MT 1200 mile checklist that was different from the DCT.

Now, they're checking to see if I got it done at the 1200 mile service. I told them I didn't think so, since I brought it up before, but they're researching it.

Thanks for making this thread, hopefully it helps alot of people out.

UPDATE- It wasn't done for me, and I'm scheduled for one tomorrow. They still said there's no checklist for the transmission service, only the Bulletin.
Good for you!

Originally Posted by elp_jc View Post
I had to fight it too, but I made them do everything the manual said, including replacing the 'microfilter' (air filter, I suppose) . But I agree it's probably unnecessary; wonder why manual mentions it.

Hey John, have a question for you buddy. I'm not going to drive my car much (maybe 3K a year), so will have to get a 'low mileage oil change' every year. But tech said he would NOT reset the system when doing this, so it doesn't trigger a tranny/diff oil change the 3rd time. Does that sound right? I don't know if those 2 oils are fully synthetic or not, but the same time limitation should apply to those oils, no? Just curious. And thanks for posting that, so other owners don't have to fight dealers like I had to. Take care.
The owners manual, says change all 3 fluids and replace the engine air filter-

If you have your key read at the time of the service, it is going to tell the advisor what is due- Usually it is an oil change, run-in service, and the microfilters.

Since BMWs key readers are not extremely accurate- it may or may not tell you that you are due for a micro filter change- Usually this can be considered corrupt CBS data and it is up to the dealership to determine if it is really needed or not-

As far as the oil change goes- when BMW does an "annual" oil change, they drain the engine oil and replace it- that is IT. They do NOT replace the oil filter during a by-time oil change. At very least, since it is ultimately going to take you over 5 years to complete your first service (16,200mls), your servicing requirements are going to be far different than the normal daily driver. You will be paying for almost all of your scheduled maintenance. It doesnt mean a whole lot- just change the trans fluid and rear end every 3 years or sooner- I like changing my oil every 6 months regardless of miles. The oil is not expensive and its easy to do-(plus i like feeling how super light the drain bolts are!!)