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Originally Posted by Indykid View Post
What would be the best deal on this car?
It may sound absurd, but let the dealership know that you'll get the car NOW if they do $49,000 out the door. Let the dealer dwell on it even if they first say no. If you don't hear anything back from them within a week, then raise your offer to $50K. The main thing is this M3 is a basic version with no nav or almost nothing. And plus the car has 1800 miles on it. If they aren't willing to go for at least $50K drive-out, then I would just move on.

If you can, try to go for a 2009 base M3 like I did. You may have to wait a couple of months before your M3 makes it to you, but you'll be gettiing a '09 and plus it'll have barely any miles on it. You have to remember, some delaers are very stubborn and they may not give you the price you want. I would just skip past them since you will eventually get a great deal. My advice is to prepare yourself all the way before you even speak to the dealer. Preparation will yield great confidence in negotiations!