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I can't belive this car is a 4 door family sedan.
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Attention all 6 speed MT owners! - 1200 miles service bulletin


I just wanted to drop out a line to all 6MT owners about the 1200 mile service visit-

I would like to make sure that everyone makes sure that the dealership of choice is changing the transmission fluid and cleaning the trans fluid filter. I think A LOT of dealerships are not changing the transmission fluid.

If you have not had your 1200 mile service yet, please make sure they do the following! Make sure you stress it to them-

If you have already had your 1200 mile service, please look at your service record to verify that the trans fluid was replaced. There should be parts billed out for trans fluid! If you do not see the parts billed out, then it probably was not done!

Here is the service bulletin that states the PROPER proceedure for the M3 1200 mile service-

Please make sure that your car was serviced right! Im just trying to help you guys/gals out!

-BMW service bulletin- SI B 00 04 08 -Maintenance and General Hints


Reminder for operations needed at the 1200 Mile Service:

Replace the engine oil and oil filter

Replace the transmission oil on the standard-equipment 6-speed manual unit.

Note: The optional M DCT Drivelogic transmission has a long-term rated oil DCTF-1, which requires no replacement unless specified for a repair.

Remove and clean the transmission filter on the standard-equipment 6-speed manual unit

Replace the differential oil

Repeat these maintenance operations at every 3rd Engine Oil Service.

Note: For M3, M5 and M6 the 1200 Mile Service is counted as the "first" engine oil service. The engine oil nominal interval is approx. 15,000 miles (can vary per CBS). Therefore, the second time the engine oil needs to be changed would be when the vehicle reaches approx. 16,200 mi (1200 + 15,000) mi. Using the same nominal interval, the third oil service would be due at approx. 31,200 mi (actual miles based on CBS). That would coincide with the "Vehicle Check" maintenance operation.

No other models require the 1200 Mile Service. Therefore, all non-M models (except 335d) would need their first engine oil service at approx. 15,000 mi.

Note: The M3's engine air intake filter does NOT need to be replaced at the 1200 Mile Service. Its first scheduled change is at the Engine Oil Service occurring at approx. 16,200 miles, then only required at every other Engine Oil Service thereafter (i.e. at approx. 46,200 mi.).