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RDSport / Racing Dynamics E9X M3 Chassis Kit

I just got this put on my car a few weeks ago and it is absolutely amazing. I didn't spec my car with EDC so that's not an issue, but I think it's a bit of a gimmick in this car anyways so I would recommend this upgrade even if you have EDC. This is what the M3 should feel like from the factory, it makes the car feel lighter, more controlled, and the ride hight is perfect. It’s infinitely better than any coilover setup I've tried. Unless you are constantly on the track and need to make adjustments this is the way to go: properly tuned to RDSport / Racing Dynamics specs. I believe my kit is the first in North America, so here are a few pics. I would give the Chassis Kit my highest recommendation to any M3 driver.

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