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Originally Posted by E90M3CDFR View Post
Every now and then I look at the monthly training materials that BMW distributes to their dealers by internet (posted to the same site as the TIS bulletins) and they give me a sense of how narrowly many of the techs seem to view their job, or at least the part where they should be learning about the technology/equipment they work on. BMW tries all of these incentives (like Amex card giveaways) to have the techs report common issues that are cropping up with new models for example. Its a good idea but it tells me that there is an issue -- a divide if you will -- between the techs in the field and the BMW HQs types. That said, I have tried to engage some of the more technically minded BMW Hqs types and they had the same condescending attitude.

How did it turn out with the map update by the way? Did they do it properly (hopefully free)?

Well, after 7 days in the shop, they finally fixed the USB hub problem. They called in Angela Lansbury to solve the Murder She Wrote mystery of the missing USB hub, and the tech finally got somebody from BMW to explain that the USB hub for '09 vehicles is part of the CIC, not underneath the TCU like earlier models. I don't know who to point my middle finger at, because either BMW is failing to provide accurate information to SAs, or SAs are incapable of accessing BMW's database. There is a huge breakdown in the system here. Why don't the part location and installation instructions immediately pop up on the system when they type in the part number?

They were so consumed with fixing the USB issue that they didn't configure my BMW Assist, so now it looks like I'll be headed back again for that service. Wonderful.


@E90M3CDFR, I ended up paying, but KLS processed a refund check for me (I'm waiting for it in the mail). I can't thank you enough for putting me in touch with her. She should be BMW NA's new president.