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Hey guys, I noticed the manual has a 'Logic7' system, which has 3 surround settings we don't have (we only have surround or stereo), so it's obvoiusly NOT the enhanced audio we paid for. Why is in the manual? Seems like some other market has an even better stereo, no?

Finally, does anybody know if the EQ is in addition to the bass/treble? I adjusted the bass/treble first, and the EQ seems to do nothing.

I used to own many Lexus vehicles, and the Mark Levinson systems vary greatly among different models. The best was on my LS430, and I'd probably rate it a bit better than the M3. However, the M3 is better than the one on my ex-SC430, GS430, and the Nakamichi on the SC400. The M3 lacks subwoofer punch, but it's enough for me, so no biggie. Thanks

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