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MWDesign feedback

MWDesign has gone above and beyond any vendors I have ever delt with. This was the best experience Ive ever had in modding my car from start to finish.

Here is a everything in point form, from start to finish!

- I spent a good week or two asking lots of noob questions and they took their time to answer everything!
- Offered amazing prices on the parts that I inquired about.
- Spent countless hours revising my car in Photoshop to give me an idea of how it would be before commiting.
- When all the parts were here they came over, picked up my car and dropped it off to the body shops.
- They were at the body shop everyday to oversee everything and updated me on the fly if they thought modifications were needed. Sometimes they stayed in late hours to do all the tedious little things to make sure everything was perfect.
- When all the parts were on they brought my car to a detailer and gave it a full wash and polish
- One of my tires had a small leak, Mike came over picked up my wheel got it fixed, brought it back and remounted it.

When I first contacted them I just expected to get a good deal on some parts ... but WOWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!! as you can see i got a whole lot more than that!

If you are local in Vancouver... no doubt these are the guys to get in touch with! They truly created a master peice!!