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First scratches by Impulse Engineering? I can't put the blame on them for sure...hence the "?", but I can't see who else would have done it. What do you think? Here's what happened....

I've had my car for 5 days now and am parking out in the boonies at work so that nobody will park next to me....and so far its been working. People don't even usually walk out as far as I park. I come out of work yesterday and there is a flyer on my driver side door. I look around and my car is the only one with it. I get closer and see its a flyer from Impulse Engineering giving discounts for dyno pulls....sweet! Figured I'd check them out after my car was completely broken in. Also understood why the M3 is the only car in the parking lot with this flyer now.

Then I look down and above the driver side handle I see there are smudges where it looks like someone rubbed there finger up and down on the paint...kind of like to check how dirty is it. I didn't touch it till I got home and was able to clean it off with a MF towel...only then did I see how scratched up it was. This was more than a quick swipe of the finger on the paint...they moved up/down and left/right a few times over a good 4 inches. [Edit: This was right underneath where the flyer was placed.] I think it looks horrible and the placement sucks.

I know more of these are coming....especially with my car being jet black. Just hurts to see the first scratches on it so quickly and especially since I've been very careful with it. I guess those passing out the flyers for Impulse Engineering had good intentions, but I wish they could have kept their hands to themselves. Anyways...that's my story...had to vent a bit. I'll try to post some pics later. Wash, polish and wax coming soon.

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