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Originally Posted by volinder View Post
Wow, super nice. I'm coming up to Regina end of June, hopefully I can get a chance to see it in person
NICE! Gimme a shout - it would be great to meet up!

Originally Posted by IRMthree View Post
looks great and cool Ind. color...

I'd vote to keep your the oem chrom grills/gills since its looks better with the brushed wheels and gives the car a "cleaner" look...IMO....the drop looks good too...a light tint, like 50-60% would go well with that "clean" non-murdered out look

how are you liking those Invo's? would a 255/35 rub?
I like them a lot so far, but can't really formulate a real opinion as of yet. Still in break-in, and as such, driving relatively sedately. They are quiet, definitely, and no rubbing, front or back (and for a recent car show, I had the suspension dropped as low as it would go, with no rubbing, still! ) I'm very interested about how they will do with aggressive driving, but really, these are for street/show... I have OEM 18s (and OEM 19s ) for the track..... (don't ask, haha.....)

Thanks again, guys. It's great to get the feedback.
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