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Originally Posted by tbucella View Post
I agree. I misread the previous posts with performance SW as "performance software", hence my question about which SW. With all deference to those who have installed the performance wheel, I don't like the look of it, I prefer the standard wheel. In addition, the installation looks like a full days work for a pro, more if you are an amateur tinkerer. And... it does cost a $1000 bucks.

I have found two shift lights that look like winners and have made some paper tube models to try and figure out where to mount them. Right now I am leaning toward an A-pillar mount. But there are options within the tech screen recess, on top of the dash between the humps and also within the instrument cluster on the right side. I am also considering a single super bright LED mounted so it's completely out of sight when unlit. The solutions cost between $100-$150 and should be able to be installed in a couple of hours. It'll probably still take me some time to get around to it, but I'll post my install once I have it done.

Here are the shift lights I have been looking at:

Or this one with an external lamp for a more stealthy install:
Thanks for the info/links.

I would like to have the light right above the dash so that I don't have to look down or to the side. But if it is bright enough, it might not matter all that much as it would get your attention.

Please let us know how you end up setting this up. If you post a DIY for the wiring, that would be great; I'll add it to the DIY index.