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Originally Posted by Khurram View Post
3 down (including 500 for the lease assumption fee)
So add $100/mo or so, still a very nice deal. Only problem with an assumption is that you have to be willing to be flexible on colors and options, and you can pretty much count on the fact that the car has had the bejesus run out of it by the prior own, I mean, user

The best lease deals were in late '08 and early '09, which is pretty typical since this is when BMW gets hot to move the stale iron from the previous model year. This year was crazy with the bad economy and oversupply of M3s and 135s. Some dealers were doing invoice deals + factory cash + leases with inflated residuals and 000x money factors on those cars, and the folks that jumped in got incredible deals. I took the bait myself .

OP, if you can find a good assumption go for it, but have the car checked out carefully and get some feedback on the lease terms before you go running to come up with cash out of pocket. Folks expecting a significant amount of cash up front in a transfer are probably fooling themselves in this car market.