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Bates '08 Interlagos Launch
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I followed the instructions in the video and it worked great. Took me about 30 seconds to wiggle them off.

The big problem was that on one of the sides, the little black piece that is connected to the outer black grill part (towards the front of the grill) fell inside the fender!! It fell a little ways and when I went to grab it, it fell farther in. I was able to gently tap the fender to get it to fall into sight, then used a stick with duct tape to get it out. Thank god I didnt have to take off the fender liner, that would have sucked.

I also used my own screws. The oem ones went in about halfway then started getting hard to turn. I know they would have broken if I kept going. I stopped before getting the "white plasticy" stressed parts.

Anyway, big decision now is.. Grey or normal emblems..