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Thank you, everyone.

I must admit, it was kind of a leap of faith ordering the colour. I REALLY like Jerez, and all I had to go on, was this 6" x 8" colour "sample" that the dealer had. It was scratched up beyond recognition, but, after some help from an M5 forum, I got some pretty fair pics of the colour, and ordered it.

No regrets. I love the colour. Having access to piano black (with inlay, LOL ! ) was pretty cool, too. I'm just surprised that you can't Individualize the M3 to nearly the same extent as the regular 3 series.

I am also quite amazed that they won't give you guys south of the border access to BMW Individual. I have heard that to process an Individual car, they more or less have to stop the production line momentarily. I guess if you are trying to accommodate your company's largest single market, that could get pretty time-consuming.

At any rate, thank you for the comments, and opinions. Much appreciated.

Now, once the other stuff comes from Nate, I'll get someone that knows what they're doing with a camera....

Nate - for me, I think the Vorsteiner Type II diffuser is a little more subtle, and more for me. We'll talk soon - thanks, man.
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