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Despite some prior evidence that my battery does not drain slowly over time I can share some information on that. I did take prior measurements indicating no to a very small nominal drain. It seems consistent with Clevelands information that the while off drain may be inconsistent. Just after finishing a 45 minute drive, with some good high rpm use battery voltage, car turned off = 12.5 VDC. Next reading the morning after 12.1 VDC, today, the second day after sitting "idle" 12.0 VDC. Again it is unclear whether this is being caused by the steady and intermittent while off power requirements or by a problem with the battery. Either way the 12.5 number is definitely below spec. as it has been for some time. I was promised my new battery would ship last week but Braille remains completely out of stock and are not communicating well with me on the ETA.