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FINALLY - just a few pics of my Azurite Black e92...

At long last, the weather has picked up a little bit (spring has been a long time coming up here in my neck of the woods).
Man, Azurite is a tough colour to photograph, to depict its true colour accurately. I tried, but somewhat unsuccessfully.

BIG shout out must go to Nate at IND, for the mods. Unbelievable communications, FAST service, and man - he is one funny dude

Please be kind with the critiqueing - I am (clearly, lol) not a photographer....

I do have the black kidney griles, and the black side gills, but undecided about installing them... opinions, please?? I just thought I'm not really doing the murdered out thing (especially with thte brushed finish P43s), so maybe the little bit of chrome (usually, a BIG YUCK in my book), isn't too bad.

Still playing around with ride height (LOOOOVE these KWs, Nate.... cheers) - don't like the ghetto-slammed look - opinions also appreciated with this, too!

Have the Eisenmann Sport coming (there was a REASON there are no shots showing the ass end, lol) from Nate, too.

Cheers, all. The amount I have learned from the forum is immense.

Oh - apologies if the satuation is way out of whack. My monitor is on its last legs, and I have problems discerning.....
"Anima sana in corpore sano"

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