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Originally Posted by AlpWtE92 View Post
I tried BMW Mountain View for my 1200 mile service last year and while I did not have a horrible experience there, I cannot recommend them. The service took two days because they did not know what needed to be done to my car. I understand that the car had only been out for 2-3 months when I went so it was probably the first e92 M3 they've had to service, but they could have done some preparation in the 2 weeks after my appointment was made. Additionally, they took my car for a 4.5 mile "joyride."

Since that experience, I've been going to BMW SF. Chris and Yorma over there are both good guys. They have taken care of all my car's needs and successfully trouble shot some minor annoyances too. My only minor complaint is that the service reps are sometimes hard to get a hold of, but they do get back to you, just not quickly.
I've had the opposite experience at SF. They don't fix the little things and have blamed my mods in the past. I took it to Peter Pan, and they were able to fix a sensor that SF didn't know was causing limp mode.. and another time where they found out the rear shock mount was damaged that SF also didn't know to fix. SF's SAs are nice.. but the guys working on your car don't know their a5sholes from their mouth.