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Originally Posted by M3Ron View Post
Ok...need an assist. Just picked up my '09 M3 DCT yesterday and uploaded my iPhone phonebook into the car no problem. Then read in the manual, that the car can have its own separate Voice Phone Book of up to 50 numbers with voice dialing.

The manual says to hit the talk button and then say "Save Name". (p. 173 of manual) to save a name and then number into the Voice Phone Book maintained by the car. It flat out won't work for me. It keeps doing other commands - anything but that.

I really would love this voice dialing feature to work so I can say frequently dialed names and then have it recall rather than try to guess what I am saying from my iPhone phonebook. I have too many contacts in my iPhone for the car to pull up my iPhone contacts by voice properly.

Any help would be appreciated! This is driving me crazy trying to get it to work!
The separate Voice Phonebook only applies when you do not have iDrive with the Assist. The Voice Phonebook that you have now it is supposed to "read" the names in your iPhone phonebook directly, without the need of training/saving. It is a more "advanced" voice recognition than the one in the Assist.

Have you tried just saying "Dial" followed by the name of somebody of your phonebook?