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Originally Posted by Cleveland View Post
There is no need to get testy...
Look I am not saying you did not have the experiences you did, you obviously did. I have also clearly stated that I may be having or will have a very similar one. I also am not sticking to my thoughts that my particular selection must/will pan out...

What I am saying is that many of your criticisms are unfounded. I am saying that you tend to write an awful lot of text without a tremendous amount of useful information. I like facts infinitely more than flowery anecdotes. I am also saying that you continue to refuse to address some key questions. If you can't parse my posts and see the direct questions I've posed I don't think I am going to bother to try to do that for you.

As far as the SMG issues it sounds like I was wrong, but it also sounds like the use is not a constant thing, that will continually drain a battery, but a small extra thing right after shutdown or right before start up (I do know it does right before start up). However, on the flip side, radar detectors and a no brainer - when they are wired so they they only get power when the ignition is on - they simply can not be a drain on your battery and you were wrong about this.

As far as outlook, attitude, philosophy, etc., yes, most issues to me are black and white. If they are simple matters of science, engineering, etc. then they are either black or white. I'm certainly not saying all science is nothing but black and white but also simple questions such as to a batteries suitability for a particular application - that question can be absolutely answered in an a priori fashion without experimentation. The grey area comes only from a few possibilities: 1. A misunderstanding or underestimate of real operating conditions. 2. Incorrect or misleading battery specs or vehicle operating conditions. To me it sounds like you had some very small capacity batteries and experienced #1.

Continue to participate in this topic as you like. I've not been mean nor unfair to you and I've thanked you for your valuable input.