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Originally Posted by ;5141306
If the 031 is the MTF-LTx, I hope the 345 is the differential fluid???
Now I'm worried...

Appreciate you looking it up for me. Think I should go back?

You might just want to call and see if they can give you a detailed description of the diff oil they used. Maybe they used a SAF-XJ equivalent that is not made by Castrol; hence the different number. That is all I can think of.

Since the number you gave did not come up in any searches, maybe it is a number this particular dealer "made up" to enter the oil into their system. Although, that would not make sense since in order to bill BMW for the service, they want to see the correct part# for the particular application. The warranty department is pretty picky about these things, and its not like Castol products are hard to get.

I would either ask or drop by and have them show you what they put in. I would do it in a nice way, of course.