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Can you get a better lease deal new or taking over pmts?

Hey everyone, I'm thinking of picking up an AW E90 sedan to get a new daily driver. I have a couple questions. Are there still great deals being given out on '08 models on the lots, or are those cars gone/deals expired? What are some of the best deals you guys have heard of on a loaded E90/E92?

I'm looking at a couple lease takeover deals as well since a shorter term is somewhat attractive to me as well as potentially lower payments. They are fully loaded AW/black cars with extended leather, Prem. sound, etc..:

-One has 1200 miles with 12k mi/yr and asking $3500 down with 32 months left. $795/mo
-The other has 11000 miles with 12k mi/yr and asking $2500 down with 28 months left. $696/mo

Are these at all attractive, or can I do better new? Are these guys reasonable for asking for something down, or should they be offering some kind of incentive to move these cars? It seems like they are underwater given the residuals on these cars are ~$35700-$36500 and the payments would value the cars at ~$58k.

Thanks a lot for your help.