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Originally Posted by SenorFunkyPants View Post
I'm all for getting the right info, I got most of mine from Castrol technical support but if I can get through to them again I'll double check on monday.

Could be a misprint in Castrol's catalog. I just double checked the listings supplied by BMW to all dealership service departments. While I don't have one of the bottles of the "special" oil in front of me, I do have some at work. I don't remember there being a Castrol label anywhere on the bottle, though. I'll look at it tomorrow. The 55 gallon SAF-XJ oil comes in a green Castrol drum.

Hey, maybe BMW is pulling the wool over our eyes and I've been filling people's cars with the standard XJ oil when they come in for a noise concern . I do not think this is the case based on my successful results using the "special" oil.