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Cleveland, it sounds like you had an alarm system that was drawing significant current. I don't have an alarm system (I don't know if Swamp or Doba does). In my car, the only possible significant load on the system is CA when the ignition is off (unless the car is performing "significant" functions that I am not aware of when parked; it probably is not completely silent). So, your comparison is off, and how much current CA will draw is unknown at this point.

The specific battery under consideration does have the required cranking amps (per specification).

The specs state that it will last 3100 charging cycles at 10% DOD. It seems like what we need to know is how much of a load CA constitutes exactly, and if that exceeds 10% DOD when the car is parked for a couple of days or not driven enough for a full charge cycle.

With regards to the potential "charging too slowly while driving issue", Braille specifies "daily driving" as a suitable application for this product:

I know every car model car is different, but they should have a good idea of how long it takes a nominal car to charge a 10% discharged battery since they specificed "daily driving" as an application.

A test would be for someone to disconnect the battery terminal every night for a couple of weeks to see if that makes a difference (or log the current when parked overnight), but I'm sure the disconnects will be logged in the computer.