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Originally Posted by lucid View Post
Does it have to do with the steering input and how hard the pump works? And maybe on a faster track, there is more airflow into the engine bay and hence more cooling for that system? Z06 used to boil fluid, too. I thought we have a
Tight tracks just don't allow a PS system to shed it's heat fast enough..larger coolers are usually the ticket, if synth-fluid is already used.

Great job at the Glen!!! My favorite track of all and surely an M3 track.
The brakes...
Using r-comps with the stock brake system, even with pads/fluid/lines, is not going to cut it. Come to think of car I've ever driven on r-comps allowed one to run without ducting. You NEED ducting...anything...even scoops that throw air at the rotors from under the car, like the 996turbo.
I plan on running two 2" hoses to each wheel-well...I"ll try to mount them close to the center of the backing-plates but there's not much room in there.
Figure I'll mount them 'just for the day' and then take them off.

The requirements of cooling brakes, especially at the Glen, are huge. Taking a car as heavy as the M3 and braking down from the speeds possible at WGI REQUIRES ducting...especially on r-comps. I'll not be running r-comps on this car, as I'd need to throw waaaay too much cash at it once that starts...just gonna buy a SpecE30 or build an E36M for next season.

One could also try...I'd have no idea where they'd fit...the brake cooling fans that are used when there is precious little ground clearance and they suck air from under the car...

I'll see how the 2x2"hose works first, though,...

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