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HELP: Where is the USB hub?


Alright, this is m3 has been in the shop for two days now. It was diagnosed with a faulty USB hub last week when I had it in for a map update. The dealer ordered the part, and I took it back on Wednesday to have the USB hub replaced. I got a call from the tech on Wednesday night that he couldn't figure out where the USB hub was located. He checked the install instructions (which say it is in the driver's side footwell inlay), but could not locate it. He ended up searching the trunk, and beneath both seats...still no luck.

Apparently he put in a request for information from BMW, but they all have their heads in their butts, so nobody is responding (either that or the dealer is feeding me a line of BS, but I don't really get that feeling). He searched underneath the rear seats and the center console today. Basically, the interior of my car is totally taken apart searching for this dumb little USB hub.

Does somebody have an actual picture of the USB hub? I am not talking about the USB port. I'm talking about the part #1 in the diagram. It is enclosed in the bracket somewhere in the car. I have already looked on, and I saw that one person mentioned that it is behind the radio. I'm hoping somebody here can lead me to the answer, as the search that I have conducted has not yielded any results.

I've worked with this dealership before, and their staff is I don't think that is a factor here. The department's SA Team Leader has been working on this himself, but he and everybody else is just scratching their head in confusion...

I've also seen the USB retrofit instructions posted by BMW, but the USB hub is not in the drivers footwell inlay as it says, so no need to mention that as a reference.

Thanks for the help!!
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