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Originally Posted by swamp2 View Post
Definitely do not agree with this. This is the easy, knee jerk type of reaction. You have found a shred of evidence supporting your early guess and now you have "validation". Perhaps you can explain why we have two new batteries that have 12.7 and 12.3 VDC? This is far from normal variation.

Keep in mind that BMW's minumum spec is something like 12.3-12.5 (wish I could quote the exact number).

All of us doing this mod realize we won't be able to sit parked at freezing temperatures, listening to an aftermarket sound system with the lights on for hours. This is more or less the extra capacity the OEM battery has. For those in warm climates, despite its reduced extra capacity, this battery should be a perfectly workable solution.

That being said I am waiting for an official reply from HP as to whether or not this battery is fully certified for Comfort Access equiped cars. HP??
I assume you mean you received it from Braille with a reading of 12.3V. Did you try charging it? Does it ever come back to 12.8V (fully charged)? How long does it hold that voltage before it's down again? A few days? Weeks?

Someone mentioned above that the low battery indicator comes on after 3 days. That tells me that either something is wrong with the charging system, which is unlikely because its not a isolated incident, or the battery is being taxed so much that its being discharged to the point where it can't make a full recovery. Once that happens, your only solution is to replace the battery. It seems that our cars have a pretty large electrical load so to try and support that from a 31A/h battery seems to be asking a lot.
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