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Very nice, I want to pull the trigger on this but I am just afraid of getting vibration/shimmy issues back again (I had vibration issues for a while and it was a PITA to get rid of).
I have read that you need balancing and maybe even an alignment after installing spacers, did you have to do this?

Originally Posted by GregW / Oregon View Post
These things are so nice I hate to hide them behind wheels! Maybe I'll mount them on the outside! I got four 12mm spacers + bolts from RE today. I had considered the Macht Schnell ones, but I like the more aggressive cutout on these, the addition of a pry slot on the backside, and the fact they are US-made. Just for reference I compared them to a 10mm H&R Trak+ spacer I had left from my E46 spare. In terms of finish and weight, the RE's kick butt! I know 4 oz/wheel will make no difference, but I still appreciate fine things.

12mm RE - 9.4 oz.
10mm H&R - 12.0 oz. (by extrapolation, 12mm ~ 14 oz.)

It's raining like heck out tonight, so I'll install and post photos tomorrow.