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Well that makes sense, but I will be honest... Just reading it here from a pic (I can only imagine in person) it gives the impression of arrogance which, IMO usually gives most BMW owners a bad rep. Im pretty sure you know what Im talking about. Thanks for the meaning behind the slogan. Seriously.

Oh and BTW, you may want to consult your dr. about the rage.

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My license plate holder says nothing about me personally. It advertises my company, The slogan "Slim Waist. Fat Wallet." means you can get a slim waist by buying products from us for less money than in return you'll have a fatter wallet.

Although the holder doesn't describe me, I am an arrogant douchebag and a raging asshole. I roid rage very easily so if you meet in person immediately turn around and walk the other direction quickly.

Don't say I didn't warn you.