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Originally Posted by Technic View Post
The console is available to order since last week, the cheapest price that I found is $275 from United BMW.

I should receive the new controller and console in a couple of weeks (there is none in stock in the USA) according to United.

There is nothing else to buy so far... it is plug 'n play to the existing connectors and no re-coding is required for the new controller to work with the iDrive version with the programmable shortcut buttons. It doesn't work with the first iDrive version in the 3-Series.

The rest of the retrofit parts are becoming more expensive since this month... the new HD screen price was raised by BMW in almost 80%, from around $1000 to some $1800 retail, plus a $500 core charge still.

Raised by 80%!!!! Wow! What the hell...
So what exactly is the point of getting the new controller? I mean will it make that much of a difference to you? Isn't it the actual system that matters the most?
Personally like our Brushed aluminum Idrive knob...