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Originally Posted by lucid View Post
Swamp, Doba, what is the longest period of time your car was parked?
My car has most if not all of the above problems I described when sitting for an hour after driving for 2 or sitting 2 nights after driving for 15 minutes. The problems are pervasive and not really cycle/use dependent.

Originally Posted by lucid View Post
Just measured the voltage on my stock battery in the car: 12.46 V.

The Braille battery sitting on my desk: 12.74 Volts.
Almost opposite of mine. I think you will be OK.

Originally Posted by lucid View Post
You sure about this? I did a consulting project for a lock company, and we talked about these systems with them a little, and I was told they draw power when the ignition is turned off...
The receive side of an RFID system can be made truly non consumptive while not receiving. I do think this is the norm. These clever little buggers actually wake on receive and then extract the small power they need to process and send a reply signal from the signal sent to them!