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Originally Posted by gobuffs View Post
depends on the state...thsi doesn't NOT apply to Texas....YET.
The only thing you can do is read your policy documents - that's your contract with the insurance company for what they will cover and what they won't cover. Always assume that they don't cover something unless it mentions they do.

In GA they have an exclusion that includes racing services, which means they won't pay out for an incident even at a HPDE. However, unless they have asked you whether you participate in racing or driving schools when issuing the policy then you should be on good ground if they try and get funny about your road cover even though you took out separate, independent coverage for the event.

The reason for that is that if they haven't asked you about it before quoting and issuing the original road policy then you haven't lied or mislead them as to the risk they were entering into and it also shouldn't be a factor in their rating calculations.

There have been stories about people having issues with their normal policy as a result of inquiring about HPDE and track coverage, but you should be able to report the company for any of that sort of behaviour if they didn't require you to disclose that sort of activity before they issued the policy.

I've always worked with the assumption that I'm not covered and require additional coverage from another specialist company for the track time. I've even had a claim when I was in the UK and it was absolutely no hassle to get everything repaired at the shop I chose.

At tracks in the UK the liability rule was basically that you were responsible for yourself and that there was no liability between one driver and another. I guess you could consider this as everyone was at fault or no one. I don't know if that is different in the US where it's generally easier to get a lawyer and sue someone!