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Originally Posted by Hitman999 View Post
Looks good Red

Back after my test drive and lets just say there is a huge smile on my face

The DCT is absolutely superb.
I first tested with the setting to one bar to gently ease myself in.
This soon changed to the highest setting. The DCT box is very smooth and no jerking or noticable change of gear at all.

I also tried the manaul paddle shift. Again no noticable delay. I tried to tap down twice too to see what the response was to simulate a change from 4th to 2nd in a manual box and was pleasantly surprised. Shifting up is really smooth and you can get into 7th gear by the time you are doing 40mph.

Driving in D mode and pressing the M button the car completely changes ... and when you floor it there is an endless surge of power which seems to have no limits ... and the sound of that engine ... sweet!

I must admit I was a bit sceptical when I went as I have always driven a manual but the DCT gives you the best of both worlds. If you are on the motorway and you want to relax just stick it in D. If you want more control shift up and down as if you are in a manual.

I think I am now swayed to get one with DCT
Excellent - I am collecting my car on Saturday so will be able to give you my views after driving it over the weekend. Your write up is comparable with just about every motoring review written on it though. It really is the best of both worlds