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Originally Posted by chriszeh View Post
okay this policy through k&k was also going to lloyds so must be the same thing. most times in a street incident with regular insurance if they total your car it is no longer yours. with this type of coverage i was told the car would still be mine so any salvageable part read engine hopefully would be able to be sold to recover some cost as well?
I don't know what happens exactly if your car is totalled. In general (with the assumption that the the car can be fixed), the policy states that you would have the car fixed and send them the invoice and they would refund you within a specific time limit that I can't remember. The point is you come up with the cash and pay the shop and get reimbursed later. Kraig did tell them me that they paid off a couple of GT3s in full last year though, so I guess that means they were totalled. Don't know what happened to the wrecked cars though.