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Originally Posted by farbarg View Post
It's clear that the community's collective opinion is that the Pagids are the truth and light for now. However, I just couldn't stomach the 750 or so needed to buy them (and, since I don't have the time, I'll need the shop to swap them in). There were some bad experiences with the Hawks, so I went with the XP10's. They're also about 1/2 as expensive as the Pagids, and, at my level, I'm likely not to notice the perf. gain of the Pagids.
What!?! $750 for a set of pads? That's ridiculous. I was just about to order a set, but now I think I'll do some more research first. I wonder what Hawk compounds folks have had bad experience with. I have preferred Hawk Blues over any Carbotechs in my Spec Miata for years, and I could get 10 races out of a set that only cost $200!