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Pics of my new HRE P40's w/ P Zeros

So after 2 mths, I have my new wheels and tires.

I went with the new P Zero and thus far I am very impressed, definitley crisper turn-in and better grip. These tires will ROCK when they get a couple thousand miles on them and the tread wears a little. Even new though, they feel really good, just a little wiggle from the full tread that you get from all new tires.

One thing I did find out though thru trial and error is that these tires need 39-40 PSI COLD, to grip and handle properly. I tried 35PSI at first as per the BMW recommended pressure, but the tires just scrubbed and rolled over too easily and lost grip. At 39 PSI, the ride is firmer, but the grip is waay better and the scrubbing is gone.

Ok, here are the pics, let me know what you think or if you have any questions about the tires.

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