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Just picked up my M3 2009 from EAS after adding goodies

Firstly, I would like to thank Tom for hooking me up with a free module for my dvd player. Now I can watch DVD’s while driving. He used my car to test out his new module and it works perfect. So i guess he now has them up for sale. Please check with EAS on when they will start selling and installing their module. FYI, I barely bought the car brand new. I have not even had it for two weeks now. But you know when the MOD bug bites , you have to start modding the ride.

Secondly, He installed 15/18 spacers for my wheels and the ride looks more aggressive.

Third, they changed all my emblems to carbon fiber and they also installed matt black grills all around the car and also a black m3 emblem for the back.

Fourth, they changed my air filter and it sounds way throatier. Love it.

Lastly, they programmed my remote to fold the mirrors and also close the windows at a click of a button once I exit the care ad lock it.

Car looks amazing, unfortunately, I don’t have any pictures. I know they took a few shots at the shop I am not sure if he could post them up or not but I will take pics when the ride is clean.

Price wise, I should say they are very competitive and the shop is very clean. They take care of things in a very professional manner and also treat customers with integrity and respect. Most of the parts I had bought from EAS so they gave me a break on install. In fact, they did not charge me labor on almost everything I had bought from them.

Stay tuned for more stuff and I will post pics