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Originally Posted by Cleveland View Post
I think they are available, because two part numbers have been assigned to the front and rear wheels for the E9x fitment. So they are showing up in the company parts database. BBS doesn't usually do this...unless the wheel is in production.

But just to be sure, I sent an e-mail to my contact at BBS for confirmation.

Depending on how busy they are, it may take a few days to get a confirmation. I'm working on confirming the pricing and weights as well. I'll let you know when he responds.

Preliminary Forged Individual E9x M3 wheel specs:

Front wheel: 19 x 8.75" (BBS part# FI006)

Rear wheel: 19 x 10.75" (BBS part# FI007)

Note: The wheel sizes are indeed bizarre, but they are accurate.
Thanks, please do let us know what you find, and agree the wheel sizes are bizarre.