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Originally Posted by Nucking Futs! View Post
Looks good! Have you heard anything else in person to compare it to (as in how loud)? I want a loud exhaust but more of a F1 high-pitched sound instead of a deep v8 rumble (like a v8 Mustang). Yes, vids would be great, thx!

I haven't heard anything about this but then again I haven't really checked recently. May I ask what kinda bad rep are you talking about & for which products/apps? Thx!
they actually get their exhausts from this website/place in taiwan I think
it was on m3forum
the same exhaust can be order without the "agency power" logo's for 1/2 the price
but the people who ordered them never got them till like MONTHS later
I don't really know

and I don't really care lol
if I had $1500 this would be the exhaust I would buy