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Originally Posted by MikeinCincy View Post
So, they are having a BMW rep come out and hook up his computer to the car to scan for any over-revs. However, the dealer is telling me that the rep is only going to verbally tell them the results and won't put anything into writing. This seems very sketchy. What do you guys think? Am I being paranoid?
Personally, I expect the dealer either has, or will balk at going to great lengths to get you this type of info, especially after you've worked them hard on the price. The car is an M3 demo, assume it has seen the worst at some point (high revs on a cold engine, powershifts, etc.), and make your decision accordingly. The car has a factory warranty, but since you won't be dealing with the selling dealer for service, the potential is there for issues later on. These cars are pretty robust, and the car will likely be fine, but if the thought that the car was run hard is going to bother you just walk away. In the end, $50K is still a ton of money to commit to a car, and it should be everything that you want it to be.

IMO, you can't expect to have it all in this kind of purchase. If you want a perfect car, order a new one for standard or euro delivery with the good financing deals. If you want a great deal, accept that your car had a life before you that may not have been an easy one, and revel in the fact that you let someone else eat a bunch of initial depreciation.

I went through this 3 months ago when I picked up my 135. It had sat on a lot in PA for 9 months, and wasn't perfect cosmetically. But with a lease payment that was $225 a month cheaper than a new '09 model, I accepted the minor issues, and couldn't be happier.

Good luck with the decision, let us know how things turn out.