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Originally Posted by redE93cab View Post
I reckon you can push for a better deal than that
+ 1.

If you're making a purchase through a business - try financing with Lombard. They gave me deal that no one else could get near. PM me and I'll give you contact that might be able to help at Lombard.

Originally Posted by Hitman999 View Post
It's a toss up really ... wait for the right used car to come along ... or go for one of these ...
Definitely DON'T compromise on the spec you really want. Spending a whack of cash like this will mean you'll only regret if you don't get something you really wanted... then you'll resent the fact EVERY time you get in the car.

Originally Posted by bmwbailey View Post
A manual is potentially more engaging on a spirited drive and i personally like to blip the throttle on the downshift which you cant do with a DCT.
BTW the M-DCT does throttle blip on downshift!